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My name is Gboyega Dada and i really don't know how to descibe myself. But here're some of the things I find myself doing:

1. Taking photos and tweaking them in Lightroom and Photoshop
2. Looking forward to buying a Quad-Core PowerMac with 16GB of RAM + 2x30in cinema displays OUCH!!!
3. Automating stuff with PERL
4. Building a website with notepad, internet explorer, and Apache
5. Writing a new song
6. Reading a book on electronics
7. Doing page layouts in Adobe inDesign
8. Watching movies all day
9. Freaking out when I listen to audio from a hi-fi with a 5Hz-30KHz Frequency response
10. Looking forward to been married ;)
11. Talking to myself :D
12. Listening to Anthony Hamilton's CD "ain't Nobody Worryin" over and over again (lately)

To be continued...
At home:
PowerBook G4 (1.25GHz, 768MB RAM, 80GB HDD, SuperDrive)
Adobe CS

P4 1.7GHz, 512MB
Adobe PS 7

At work:

PowerMac G5 (2x2GHz), 512MB of RAM (I know -my boss should be sued by Apple!)
Adobe CS
Adobe Lightroom
Canon EOS 350D
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